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Review from BOB

Doll Construction and Appearance

Isabella is really a beautiful doll. Don sculpted an incredible body, and I have to say that the faces are actually quite attractive. I say "actually quite attractive" because I, like many others I have seen on these boards, did not think their faces look all that beautiful from the pictures on line. Even looking at my own pictures, I cannot say that Isabella's face is as beautiful as I would like, but I can assure you that, in person, she is much more attractive. Downright hot, in fact! I don't know if it has to do with seeing her in 3-d or what. I cannot explain it. But Ruby13 faces are quite beautiful in person!

The molding is generally quite excellent, though I have found some minor imperfections. For instance, there are a few small, dark artifacts in the silicone of her fingers. Very minor, and on the underside so not too noticeable. Additionally, I have seen in a few places what appear to be small bubbles that formed near the surface at a few seems. Again, these are very small, and I can't even remember where they are off the top of my head. I only noticed them when she first arrived and haven't noticed them since.

One other small, negative note: the eyelashes are generally well glued down, but a few of them will need to be re-glued as they are coming up on one edge or the other. I am not looking forward to that work!

The breasts are as advertised: soft and pliable. Really excellent to grab and play with, excellently shaped. The nipples will show through any cloth light enough in weight, if you like that sort of thing. I do ;) They bounce and jiggle nicely when she moves, and they feel great pressed into your chest.

Isabella seems very sturdy. I am new to dolls, and I have done my best to lift and move her with care (though I can get a little carried away during playtime ;)), and she has survived so far without any damage at all. I am learning to be more careful, plan out my moves a little better

Each of the heads is delivered on its own little wooden stand, which is really nice. The heads fit on over a heavy, resin "head post" that is held on place on the ball of her neck joint using tension (the "head post" has two pieces that are held together by a heavy bolt). Tightening the bolt tightens the two head post pieces together and determines how easy it is to move her head about once you place it on the post. This system works really well, and it seems quite sturdy. It is easy to add or remove a head, and it is also easy to add and remove the head post.

Extras - Pose-able Arms and Sealed Makeup
Isabella has the pose-able arm feature, as well as the Sealed Makeup on each of her heads. At first, I was not that enamored of the pose-able arms. The shoulder joints are very stiff, and the elbow joints are much less so. I wanted to pose-able arms because I had read that they were good for photography, but, perhaps more importantly, they also enabled Rubys to support themselves for doggy style. It wasn't until earlier this week, however, that I figured out how to get that to work. And it is great! The pose-able arms do allow her to support herself for doggy either with straight arms or leaning down on her elbows. My one worry here, perhaps unsubstantiated, is that the joints will loosen with time, and then she will no longer be capable of supporting herself like that. You can also pose her arms so it feels a little bit like she is grabbing you. For instance, I really like Missionary, positioning her arms around me as if she is grabbing me.

The Sealed Makeup also seems to work quite well. Isabella is less than a month old, but it has held up so far to all the moving around I do for her, as well as kissing.

Getting Used to the doll
Ruby13s are supposed to be among the lighter of the silicone dolls, and she is lighter than the Sinthetics I have had the opportunity to lift. Unfortunately, light for a silicone doll is still awkward and heavy. I am no stranger to exercise or lifting. I often hit the gym and lift weights, and I can tell you, just as others on this forum have said before me, that lifting a silicone doll of around 65 lbs is not like lifting a 65 lb barbell. A 65 lb barbell is even "light" to me (I regularly perform barbell curls with 60 or 65 lbs), but 65 lbs in silicone doll... well, you just have to learn how to lift it right. I don't want to scare anyone off, it is just a new skill that really takes time to learn. My recommendation is to really go slow at first, plan out your moves, take your time. Part of the problem is that silicone is pretty tacky/sticky. You can alleviate this with corn starch on the skin, but she still won't just slide across the bed covers. I think some guys always lay their doll down on a sheet, blanket, or towel so that they can easily slide her around. I may have to try that!

Despite everything that I wrote above, I have developed my own system for moving Isabella, and I have learned to just take my time and be deliberate with everything I am doing. You just have to accept that everything will take just a bit longer than you think it will, and you have to be patient.

One thing I do to make life easier: remove her head and head post for cleaning, storage, and dressing/undressing! This way she is lighter, and I am less likely to bump her head into something or damage her face or makeup.

Dressing - Dressing is generally not to hard as long as you following the recommendations for buying stretchy bottoms and tops. Long sleeves and long pant legs are a pain in the ass, as others have noted. There are tricks that can help that, I have read. For instance, pantyhose over the legs helps slide jeans and the like on. I haven't tried that, but the clothes just like to stick to the silicone, so I will bet that helps (along with the fresh powdering of the skin). Panties, stretchy shorts, sleeveless or short/capped sleeve dresses, and stretchy tops are all really easy though, and it can really add to the allure of your doll. I have even put a full body lingerie thing on her, and that went on much easier than the jeggings I put her in this morning!

Cleaning - For cleaning after playtime, I lift her upright over a paper towel to let her drain, and then place her over a stack of pillows (butt in the air, and neck post down). I will cover that stack of pillows with a couple of towels before I place Isabella there, and then I will pour water and alcohol into her holes. I then use my hands and fingers to clean the inside of her canals, and then I roll her over onto a low bucket to drain. I do this once or twice, depending. Once this is all done, I dry down what I can, and then lay her on her back on the bed with her legs spread and a fan blowing to help her dry. When she is dry, I will re-apply powder occasionally... As others have observed, silicone is a dust magnet. I have read that static guard spray can help with this. I have a can, but I have not yet used it. The time is drawing near, however :)

Playtime - vaginal, anal, and oral
Ok, now the fun part... listen: Ruby13s are great dolls for play. As I said above, Isabella is actually really hot in person. She is fun to kiss (especially heads 7 and 8, though 6 is nice too), and having the pose-able arms goes a long way during make-out sessions. Its really fun to kiss her and have her arms wrapped around me.

Missionary is great and easy. If you have the pose-able arms, you can have her wrap her arms around you, and I love that. You can also get her to wrap her legs around your own, and I recommend that as well. Because the legs have bones, but not stiff joints, you can move them easily during play, and that is very convenient. I like to adjust her head to the side and up in this position to make kissing her easier, and it looks like she is looking up at you, making eye contact.

Spooning is a very easy option. The legs close together and tighten the vaginal opening nicely, but you can also lift one of the legs for easy entry to start.

Doggy is fun, especially once you have her up on her arms. When she is supporting herself, you can easily rock her back on forth in this position.

• Review from Zarnon

Ruby 13 - Art Come to Life. 

Welcome to my first week review. Warning: These are initial impressions. Things could change or new issues could arise. I could also be more enamored of this doll. Stay tuned. 

I'm going to give a quick run-through then let you in on my Ruby 13 project (end). I got the "original" body with heads 3 and 5.

Ruby 13 is a cartoon come to life. She's lush, sexy with over the top Jessica Rabbit type proportions. It's part of what makes her a beautiful fantasy doll. Unlike other dolls the R13 has a series of facial expressions with the same facial style. 


Service was fastest of any doll I've ever ordered. Just for reference this doll was ordered in June and here in July 2011. It's the newest mix including the boobies.

Delivery was FedEx with tracking. Box is cardboard and a little small for the doll (she get squished but not damaged). 

Looks: Great original look. When the head came out of the box it looked odd to me and it wasn't until she was attached with a wig that I "got it". I think pics only partially do justice to the biker slut hottie look on the original "Ruby" body style. It's Hella sexy. Since I'm as likely to encounter these women in real life as a Higg's Boson it's been wonderful fantasy time for me. There's some anatomic detailing missing I see on my RD and 4Woods but I'm not sure that would work so well for a fantasy style doll as this one. 

I chose the face three which is very sexy with a partly opened mouth. It's cute and the makeup plan is to accentuate that. The head 5 I ordered more for play. 

The sex: For an area that's so important we really lack this in some reviews (or people don't test their dolls this way). It's the most important part of a sex doll for me. 

Here's where the Ruby shines. The soft silicone is wonderful on the outside. Because the legs are slightly bent at rest and with the softness/looseness of the rest the doll "moves" during sex very naturally. When you hit that silicone v-jj I can only describe it one way: butter. Take a fleshlight, wrap a hot doll around it you've got a Ruby 13. Despite the butt being firmer than the rest of the body it's still softer than anything out there and the anal play is very good as well. You can do easily do Russian with the big boobies which I've never achieved on any doll in the past. 

Skeleton: Overall Don's made some good choices with the skeleton. He went for realism vs. poseability. Usually his choices work. The only thing I'd suggest is tighter at the elbows because it's hard to get the arms to hold a "hug" position. Don't plan on having your doll hold a rose or wineglass. She's just not that kind of gal. ;) Don's skeleton allows the shoulders to move through the widest range of motion of any doll I have. 

Silicone: Softness, smooth, natural bounce. What's not to like? Well, the only issue is on the right side she tends to take on pressure dimples if you're not careful. I dk if this is a by product of the silicone or what the outcome will be over time but I'm learning to be very careful. This is the only downside I've seen so far. It will be interesting to see how this mix holds up long-term. But in the meantime be prepared for if not the softest, one of the softest mix currently available. The boobs bounce like nothing I've seen since the original Mechadoll videos. You won't need much if any powdering for this mix either. I think we might have reached a point where if the mix was any softer she's be too soft. I once felt the old flat back COM doll which was so soft and jiggly it would've been like screwing Jell-O. When we reach Jellyfish stage it might be time to take a step back. :D 

Other: The hard nails are nice. I haven't had a doll with this option and turns out I like it. Will probably continue this with other dolls in the future. 


There's not a lot but no doll is perfect. I'm going to point out the few areas I've noticed. 

The tongue for the kiss head is a limp noodle. Something like the tongue abyss uses would be perfect. 

Lack of permanent makeup for me is a con. I have done simple makeup repair but am not accomplished nor do I want to invest the time to learn. It was a major reason I held back buying the doll. 

The Ruby 13 Project

My solution is to have permanent makeup applied by a professional makeup artist. So I contacted someone I knew. She prefers to remain anonymous as she wants to keep working where she's at. But she's a friend and very intrigued by dolls. This will be her only doll makeup project. I'd like to thank the folks at FX Supply that've helped us prepare for this. We're aiming for "young, fresh, innocent" so you can be the judge how well she did. 

With that in mind I'll take a few pics of the doll before the heads are sent. I'll have to endure a few weeks without them but I can't wait to see the results. I should have the "before" pics up in the next few days. I chose the fair skin which demands the most careful lighting.


• Review from Kharma,

My Ruby13 (Roxie Lee) arrived today, box weighed 80 pounds with two heads (1 and 5) and two wigs. A head weighs nearly 4 pounds so Ruby13 without a head is an easy 54 pounds to move around. I am not a physical guy, only weigh around 130 pounds and am only 5' 4" so it was with great pleasure for me to report I had no trouble moving this lucious doll around for nearly every sex act variation known in the Kama Sutra: I did misionary, doggie style, cowgirl facing me and cowgirl with back turned to me, spooning, sideways, scissors, and a few other ways, all both vaginal and anal (and it is very easy to change holes from nearly any position, double your pleasure with Doublemint Ruby holes), also banged her mouth while she was sitting, laying down and other assorted things. Amazing! I use a mirror to enjoy the side view, a trick I learned from Crazyjose years ago, porn playing in the background also helps you get in the mood, but I didn't need it today! 

Unlike some other products I will not name, this doll was designed especially for sex, so if that is what you want from a love doll (uh, duh!), you can't go wrong with Ruby or Lillith. Please read all the reviews here, if you want a sex doll for for SEX, Ruby is the one...

The pretty floppy hands can easily caress your member, or press nicely on your chest while she's on top, or do just about anything you want with hands. Her hard nails were a nice touch! When I move my legs up and down with her on top, she bounced on my member in a delightful way. The anal is slightly smaller than the vag, and you can make it tighter or looser (just like the vag) by squeezing her legs together (tighter) or moving them apart (looser). Either way is great because she hugs your dingaling both in and out and there is a nice vacuum that builds up in all three holes to suck it out of you, plus a great slurping sound as you do the do. All three holes are nice and soft, even when the lube turns dry, and the ridges give me shivers! Both arms and legs contort into any position you want, double wow!

Her big hips can be bent way back so you can really bang her hard on the belly with no leg resistance at all, just like a real woman opening up to meet you, or you can put her legs above your shoulders for some wonderful missionary, or squeeze her legs together for some really tight vag missionary (I mean really tight pussy!), or just bone her with the legs normally bent (her natural position) and her big hips bounce back on you to meet each thrust, true ecstasy! I boned her slowly and her vag hugged my member invitingly, when I boned her fast, her hips bounced back to meet me each time, just like a real woman who wants to participate in the sex act, good rockin' daddy time fer sure! Ruby moves with you, amazing... 

The body is perfect, I wouldn't change a thing. Those boobs are amazing, each one nearly as big as her head, yet Don designed them so well that they look just right for her, unbelievably big juicy boobies. How soft are they? Pretty soft, I titty f--ked her both ways without too much effort, you can squeeze them together and bury the pirate, they press in about an inch and the gel feels nice. Are they as soft as a real woman? No, this can't be done on any doll, they would fall apart like some dolls have done in the past - read the reviews like I have - (but not Ruby, owners have enjoyed her for over two years now with no appreciable problems). Don keeps experimenting to find the right mix of reliability and softness, and I think this is it, I wouldn't dare soften them more than this with their mammoth dimensions. The whole doll will soften up some more in six months, owners say. I don't care, this doll is perfect now as far as I can tell. The nipples have a nice indent in the middle of the tip, just like a real woman, and they are mighty tasty! These boobs were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boobs are gonna walk all over you! Da-da-da-da-dum... 

The ass is firm but squeezable, it is a perfect ass! A round, juicy unbelievably sexy bubble ass. When I did doggie style her ass bounced up against me so soft and yummy, it felt so good to rock her on me, like a perfect gourmet meal too good to finish, you want to relish every thrust on a Ruby...

I was concerned about the flange around the head that meets the neck, thought it might look wierd, but it can easily be tucked in or out of the neck, tucking it in minimizing its appearance, plus with the wigs in place it is nearly invisible. In person, Ruby faces 1 (and even the felatio head 5) are beautiful, her face is a real head-turner and cute beyond belief. Forget about some of the pictures you've seen on the Doll Album, the Ruby13 site shows it all as it really is. I got permanent red shiny lipstick on both heads (didn't want that to rub off on me) and otherwise doll arrived powdered and with nice makeup on. I flopped this doll around so many ways, slobbered on it so much, that the makeup gradually wore off. I just followed the tutorial on the Ruby website, and it was easy to restore professionally. I found out that water-based coloring pencils are perfect for eyebrows and eyeliner, these are available at any sizable store. For blush and eye shadow I used the products recommended in the tutorial. Making her up is a labor of lust!

Now for head 5, my member is 5" on top and 6" underneath but her head is so soft I practically buried it completely inside deep throating in. It felt great either with me thrusting or by moving her head in and out, as Brash noted earlier, her flexible back makes for some great felatio rocking motion with her in the kneeling position with a nice steady swing. there are sensation ridges on all three holes (truly built for sex, like I said!).

With dimensions of 34 (30F bra) - 20 - 34, any clothes are hard to put on this doll, and her mid-section is slightly smaller than most real women since her boobs hang so provocatively and perfectly over the chest. For this reason, some of my lingerie doesn't quite work (the boobs don't fit into anything and the midsection is a little small - who cares, with a body like this, who needs lingerie anyway? As the pics show, there is lingerie she looks good in and I will keep trying. I tried several sexy stockings, they went on easily and looked perfect. High heals were tasty. A choker easily hides the neck seam and looks real sexy. The silicone skin feels great, firm but pliant, smooth and not the least tacky (hooray for platinum silicone!). I loved moving the eyes around to get different expressions, the eye mechanism works perfectly. 

Only complaint I have, and it is a small one, is the tongue for head 5 was flesh colored (not red) and keeps popping out of the head when I do the ding dong thing, so I am wondering what others do to keep that tongue in the head 5 mouth? Suggestions most welcomed...

I think I'm in love! Wheh! More to follow when I recover!



 • Review from jm608u

First i would like to thank everyone at ruby 13 for making a wonderful doll. 
I found her on ebay she was a Brazilian model name Rita . 
I have been drooling over her pictures for awhile when i seen her i jumped so far not been sorry. 
She is the first solid doll i ever owned had a few blow up dolls. 
She is just amazing and beautiful i was totally entranced when she arrived . 
At first i was really scared to touch her i was afraid of busting her . 
But once we got to know one anther i found out that she is a very sturdily built doll . 
No finger wires so no pokes has floppy joints so no worries about joints busting or locking up so i hope i never have to cut EMELY open . 
The weight is not too bad i carry her around in the cross the threshold possession most of the time . 
She easily roles around with me . 
She is not very good for posing for pictures but for play she is spectacular in all aspects . 
Dressing her is a breeze you just remove her head and sit her up or lay her down depending on which end you are dressing . 
She is kind of freaky in like Toby sead in his review that she move arrowend whith you and in the dark you swear she was alive . 
The electric blanket is a must thanks Toby. 
I love to lay her on my chest or lay on hers to watch tv. 
She is just so cuddly . 
When we go to sleep and she through her arm and lag over me it just paradise or we sleep spooning together the best night sleep . 


• Review from CHLEA

And for now a little word from me:

At the end of this note you will find a picture of the golf travel cover, my camera is out of order at the movement, but i will made some picture where you can see the Ruby in the cover in a day or two.

And now for a little short review - i have only had the Ruby for 24 hours, but damn she is hot :mrgreen: 
Its very easy to handle it and its possible to grab the doll laying next to you and turn it on to cowboy in few seconds.
Its also very easy to enter the doll laying on both sides - its possible to enter it in almost all possisions.

I have to compare with my other dolls (Dreamdoll, Mechadoll) and the Ruby is a chapter it self.
The Ruby is more a 'doll' the other are more a 'good looking girl'
The Ruby is fantastic when it come to sex, its very soft in the intrance (not oral with this face)
The Dreamdoll is a bad sex doll, but a nice dress up girl.

I will try to dress up the Ruby (Lilith) in a day or two and take some pictures, but i think i have to buy some new underwear all the underwear i have for my old dolls are for extreame big tits 80DD and i dont think it will fit Liliths small tits :razz: 

And for the bottom command: 
Am normally to big tits, but the small tits on Lilith is damn sexy and hot and for compare to a real girl it´come close to the real.
If i have to compare the heavy tits on my other dolls with a real girl those tits are very long from the real!!

My conclusion is ready:
If you are planning to buy a doll and your like i am then i would make my choise like that:

1. Are you looking for a doll to have sex with and to sleep with - then Ruby is a great doll.
2. Are you looking for a doll that is easy to handle and easy to make sex to - then the Ruby is great.
3. Do you have to hide the dool and easily move it from place to place - then the Ruby is great.
4. Are you looking for a doll that are 95% look like the real, but difficult to make sex to - then you have to buy another doll

And the Ruby is cheaper than Dreamdoll and Realdoll



• Review from rojo62

At long last I've found some time to give my review of my new Ruby. I don't think I'll be as detailed and precise as Kharma but I'll give it my best shot. I posted some pictures recently so, hopefully you're familiar with what she looks like. 
I sent my order in on July 28th. It was recieved Aug. 5th. Work began the next day and she arrived Sept. 3rd. Not a bad turnaround. Although it seemed like forever on my end.
I named her Jamie after she arrived and I found some time to be with her. (Reminded me of an old girlfriend from high school)
She is a medium skin tone with blue eyes and head #4 with the blonde wig #1. I also ordered the head #5 with blue eyes and the blonde wig #6.
So, to begin I should say that she was packaged very well with plenty of foam and bubble wrap. Check out gibbmodoll's review. He has some good pictures of the packing. When I first opened it up I was grinning ear to ear. Man, what a body! I was surprised how solid she felt although her arms and legs are rather floppy. I didn't get a chance to try her out right away so she had to be put away for awhile. But, when I did get an oppurtunity I made the mistake of not warming her up first and I have to say it was kind of awkward moving her around because I didn't want to break anything. But, I've come to realize now that she's pretty tough. Not that I'm smacking her around or anything but she is built well. 
Anyway, let's get to the point. How's the sex? Well, It takes a little getting used to because she doesn't move like a real girl but, once you get used to moving her around it's pretty amazing. The vaginal cavity feels great. Just make sure you got plenty of lube. The slurping sound the suction makes was a little annoying to me at first but, now it's kind of a turn on. I'm glad I read alot of reviews first because it prepared me for what to expect.
Her short size makes it little difficult to do things you would do with a normal sized woman but, that can be overcome if you get a little creative. For example, when I do missionary I like to kiss my lady. But, Ruby being only 4'11" makes that kind of hard for me so, I found if I put her legs up on my shoulders it makes for a nice feel. I think my favorite position though is her on top facing me. I can bounce her up and down and she seems to come to life a little bit. Her tits are really nice sticking me in the face too. You want to warm them puppies up though or the'll be a little harder than you might like. I would also recommend baby powder before and after. It really softens her up to the touch. Otherwise she seems tacky which isn't very appealing to me. I tried her alot of different ways and they were all great but what really got me off the first time was a few strokes between those tits. WoW! you gotta try that. What else? Oh, perfume! Smell is such an aphrodisiac you don't want to forget that and be careful with the lingerie. I left her nylons on her overnite and she had a black ring around her leg from the elastic that held them up. It's faded a little now but it scared me when I first saw it. I thought I had just ruined her. 
Let's not forget about the #5 oral head. Which feels really awesome. Although I couldn't keep the tongue from falling out and it did feel better with it in I also liked it when it was out. I think Kharma said he glued his in. Maybe I'll try that. I did learn a few things as I went along so my first few times are still kind of experimental. I wish I could be more eloquent with the details but, I'm still getting to know my way around this whole doll thing. In closing though I would like to say I thought she was a bit firmer than I had imagined but that could be because I haven't warmed her up enough and my expectations were pretty high. Don gave me the choice of waiting for the new softer doll formula to be processed but I was too impatient to wait. The sample boob will be coming my way so I'll have a chance to compare. Overall, I am very pleased with this doll and if you're reading this and you're thinking about buying a Ruby I would highly recommend her. Not only is she beautiful and functional but, Don is a great guy to work with. He went out of his way to lighten up the areola color on this doll which was a big selling point for me. So, that's it guys. I hope this helps some of you fence sitters out there to join the ranks.
Until then-Later ya'll