Ruby Makeup Tips

Makeup Your Ruby

1. Use a makeup "facial cleaning towelette" or "baby wipes" to remove mistakes or old makeup ...they are ideal for detail cleaning in tight areas.

2. Gently massage baby powder onto area to be touched up. (Except lipstick).

3. The foam tip applicators are for the eyebrows and/or eye shadow. (Do not mix colors).

4. There are a couple different ways to blush the cheeks. The powder type will require a "blush brush" where as the cream based blush can be applied with your finger..your choice. If you choose the blush powder, use baby powder after to soften and blend the color. 

5. Lipstick..Again we have a couple of choices. You can use a lipstick brush to apply color directly from the lipstick tube or from a semi liquid creme based lipstick. The brush allows you to get into the corners of her lips and recesses. (For the wet look, use Lip Gloss).

6. If you wish to redo her eye liner, Do Not use the liquid type. Press each eye slightly inward and use a foam tip applicator or Q-tip to apply a thin layer of eye shadow until you like what you see.