Shipping Information


• For full body Doll Orders, although we usually ship earlier, we reserve 90+ days to fulfill your order from the time of payment clearing until we ship.

• For Torso Orders we reserve 60 days to fulfill your order from the time of your payment clearing until we ship.

• For Pillows and Head orders the delivery time frame is going to be 2 weeks to 30 days.

** Although we'd love to send you photos of each part of your doll's creation process, we also like to keep the costs down and so we just focus on creating and getting your order shipped.



Shipping costs for shipping inside the contiguous continental USA. When checking out your shopping cart please choose the shipping option that's appropriate for your order. Thank you.

  • 1 Ruby Doll - $350

  • 1 Ruby Torso - $240

  • 1 Boob Pillow - $35

  • 1 Ruby Face - $30

For Shipping outside the USA

please email us with your postal code to get a price